DSC01760_resizedGrand Mesa Chorus Team Management
Team Coordinator Claudia McFate
Finance Manager Linda Barker
Secretarial Manager Sharon Madson
Communications Manager Bette Lowenstein
Fundraising Manager Marti Marvel

Chorus Director Tammy Schler



Grand Mesa Chorus Sweet Adelines  of the Year

Claudia Mcfate

presented by Bette Lowenstein

Sweet Adeline of the Year: Chosen by the Chapter membership. Above all else, the recipient represents the “ideal” Sweet Adeline. At all times her behavior reflects the pride that she has in and for the Organization. She is kind, helpful, concerned, and respectful in her actions toward others. She has a keen sense of responsibility and commitment, and is eager to volunteer her time and talent for the betterment of all. She is a natural-born leader whose positive, upbeat attitude sets an example for everyone she encounters.

DSC01778_resizedLinda Barker

President’s Award 

President’s Award: Chosen by the Team Manager. The recipient has provided exceptional assistance and support to the Team Manager.

Music Award  Linda Barker and

Claudia McFateDSC01777_resized

Music Award: Chosen by the Music Staff. The recipient has shown outstanding growth in singing ability and/or has made an exceptional contribution to the music program.


Sharon Madson

Florence Kiefer DSC01774_resized

Participation Award

Florence Kiefer Participation Award: Chosen by the Management Team. The recipient has contributed time and effort to the chapter “above and beyond the call of duty”.


Erica Hobbs

Judy Hodgson Newbie Award 

Judy Hodgson Newbie Award: Chosen by the Management Team. The recipient is a first-time Grand Mesa Chorus member who has belonged to the Chapter for no more than one year and has made significant contributions of her time and talent during that period of time.


Sue Chapman

Mom’s Award

Moms’ Award: Chosen by the Management Team. The recipient is a non-member who has consistently and generously donated his or her time and talents in assisting with chorus activities and projects.


Longevity Pins and Certificates Awards
Deb Reno      5 yrs
Sharon Madson  15 yrs
Barb Mack  25 yrs
Nola Stephens   40 yrs
Tammy Schler—Directing for 15 yrs.DSC01763_resized



 Nola 40 year



Nola, 40 yrs



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