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Grand  Mesa  Chorus  Sweet Adelines Darlene in an ovalDarlene  Guerrie Memorial Vocal Scholarship

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Chorus members, left to right, Darlene Guerrie, Tammy Schler, Shirley Fenn Nola Stephens and Sharon Kolacny

Darlene Guerrie, a Grand Junction native born in 1934, was a 1952  graduate of Grand Junction High School and from an early age loved music and was involved in many areas in the musical community.  She served on the Community Concert Board and sang with the Mesa State College Chorale.
   She discovered the Grand Mesa Chorus of Sweet Adelines in the mid 70’s and spent the next 25 years working in it’s behalf as an innovative leader. Her administrative talents from working for 15 years as an assistant in the Student Body Office at Mesa State, now Colorado Mesa University , led her to actively pursue leadership roles not only on the local level, but also on the Region and International Boards of Sweet Adelines.
     Darlene’s courageous and valiant fight with cancer ended in 2000.  To honor her visionary expertise, knowledge and dedication to the Sweet scholarship 6Adeline organization, the Grand Mesa Chapter awards  the annual  $1,000  Darlene Guerrie Memorial Scholarship to a Colorado Mesa University student pursuing a degree in music.


2017 Grand Mesa Chorus Scholarship Winner,

Anna St. Peter

Hello, my name is Anna St. Peter. I am the proud single mother of a boisterous 10 year old son. I am leaving the world of work I know well to pursue my true passion, teaching music. I have searched for many years to find what my purpose in life is. After about 13 years of absence, I have rediscovered that within music I find joy, inspiration, and a feeling of returning home.
In the fall, I will be attending Colorado Mesa University, majoring in Music Education, with the goal of inspiring young musicians. I hope to introduce students to a variety of forms of music while instilling an understanding and passion for the musical arts. My hope and heart is that students will find their place and peace amongst rhythms and melodies as I once did.
As a family, my son and I enjoy camping, hiking, swimming, and working in the yard while spending as much time together as possible. We are actively involved in our church and I enjoy participating in a variety of vocal opportunities within our community.
I feel tremendously blessed by the Sweet Adelines in their desire and dedication to proactively enhance the lives of others with music both monetarily and through personal dedication. It is with great excitement that I join them, and many others, in the pursuit to keep the arts alive in the upcoming generations.
With great thanks and a hope for the future,
Anna St. Peter

“The Grand Mesa Chorus Sweet Adelines Darlene Guerrie Memorial Vocal Scholarship” Requirements

* An applicant  must be a vocal music major at Colorado Mesa University, either an incoming freshman who has been approved for entrance into the program, or a student already attending Colorado Mesa University as a vocal major and have a 2.8 GPA.

*An  audition is required, by  CD or DVD or a live audition with the Grand Mesa Chorus Sweet Adelines Scholarship Committee.  Arrangements may be made with Shirley at 970-255-9419.

* The Scholarship winner is required to sing  a solo in one of the Grand Mesa Chorus Sweet Adelines shows.

*Scholarship is available to both male and female students.

*All applications are due by  May 5 of each year.

*The applicant must complete a general scholarship application . To access the scholarship application and other information, students can go to the Colorado Mesa University Scholarship Page for Financial Aid. 

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* There are instructions on this page that tell students how to apply for the scholarships.  There is also a link to the student’s MavZone which is where the application is located.  Additionally, there is also a link that takes you to the public site where the scholarships are listed.

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